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About Us

Welcome to Houston Stringer, a unique platform where advanced artificial intelligence and dedicated freelance journalism converge to deliver accurate and up-to-the-minute news coverage in Houston.

Our Mission

Since 2022, Houston Stringer has been committed to real-time, on-the-scene reporting of breaking news in Houston & surrounding areas. As a solo freelance operation, our aim is to provide the community with immediate, factual information as events unfold.

Our Approach

Houston Stringer combines the efficiency of artificial intelligence with the discerning eye of experienced journalism. This blend allows for rapid news gathering and analysis, underpinned by a commitment to accuracy and human judgment.

On-the-Scene Reporting

Specializing in on-the-ground reporting, Houston Stringer captures live videos and photographs, gathering firsthand information directly from news events. This approach ensures a unique and immediate perspective, bringing stories to life for our audience.

Preliminary Information and Updates

Recognizing the dynamic nature of news, Houston Stringer often provides preliminary information, sourced directly from the scene. As events develop, we are committed to updating our stories with the latest information, maintaining a focus on delivering 100% straight facts without extra “opinion commentary.”

Independence and Licensing

As an independent, one-person operation, Houston Stringer’s content is entirely our own, free from external influences or biases. We license our footage through a third party to local and national news outlets. For licensing inquiries, please contact us directly.

Contact and Corrections

Houston Stringer is dedicated to accurate and factual reporting. If you encounter any misinformation or inaccurate reporting, please do not hesitate to contact us at We value your feedback and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalism.

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Thank you for choosing Houston Stringer – your trusted source for real-time, factual, and independent news in Houston.