Saturday, July 20

Caught Something Newsworthy?

If you’ve witnessed a breaking news event, an interesting incident, or anything you think is newsworthy, send it our way!

How to Submit Your Tips

  • Email: Send your videos, photos, and a brief description to
  • Facebook: Send us a message with your media on our Facebook page. (be sure to give us a follow so your message does not get sent to the junk folder)

Tips for Capturing Newsworthy Content

  • Safety first! Don’t put yourself in danger to get footage. If you are not able to get the footage safely, we are still very appreciative if you just want to send a message saying that there is something newsworthy happening in your neighborhood.
  • Be descriptive: Include where the event happened, when, and any important details (if you have them). At a minimum, we need a date/time and location.
  • Your information: Provide your social media handles if you want to be tagged and/or credited in a post. Without this information, we will assume you want to remain anonymous.

Please note, that we will not share your media/information with any other news outlet or 3rd party.