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Suspects lead police on a short chase in north Houston before crashing into a ditch

A Toyota RAV 4 with Texas dealer plates took Houston Police on a chase through north Houston early Monday morning around 3 a.m. on July 4, 2022, before crashing into a ditch on Exeter St. at Skinner Rd.

According to police radio traffic, the chase started when the suspects when police were called after several suspects were caught breaking into vehicles in the 1700 block of Wellington Street, which is between Aldine Westfield and the Hardy Toll road. The caller stated that there were three vehicles total, with a total of six suspects, all males in their 20s and 30s. The caller stated also stated that the suspects were stealing parts off vehicles using a “jigsaw”. The three vehicles were described as a “silver Cadillac, gray and brown Jeep, and a blue truck.”

Police rushed to the scene to try and capture the suspects. When they arrived the suspects, started to flee and headed northbound on Exeter St. before turning east onto Skinner and crashing into a ditch, only about a mile from the location of the original call.

At this point, the suspects, four or five of them (according to the officer on the radio), who initiated the chase, took off in different directions.

While the suspects continued to run and hide, responding officers with the Houston Police Department started to cordon off the surrounding area. While this was happening, Houston’s Police Department’s helicopter was en route and started to search the area from above, while responding officers in patrol vehicles started to search on the ground.

It is unclear at this point what the suspects were stealing, but given they were removing car parts with a jigsaw, it is very likely these suspects may have been stealing catalytic converters, given the recent thefts in the area. As always, we will update you as soon as we have more.

Suspects crashed this Toyota RAV4 into a ditch during a police chase in Houston

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