Sunday, June 16

No shortage of accidents or shootings in Houston overnight on July 8, 2022

First responders in Houston were busy overnight, dealing with everything from car accidents and shootings. Below, you will find a few stories we came across last night and captured on camera.

– In NW Harris County, an alleged shoplifter grabbed an officer’s taser during a fight during the suspect’s arrest around 6:30 p.m. on July 8, 2022.

Man shot after grabbing officer's taser

– At 12:05 a.m., (now July 9, 2022), first responders were dispatched to the 5800 block of Neches, (intersection of Kelley @ 59, just north of downtown, Houston) to a motorcycle rider that took a nasty fall. The status of the rider is unknown, but the scene was cleared fairly quickly and there did not appear to be a major accident.

The owner of this motorcycle took a nasty fall overnight

– Shortly after the motorbike owner took a fall, first responders were dispatched just before 1 a.m. to another accident. It is unclear at this point what happened, or if the train was involved, but according to radio traffic, a driver flipped their car in the woods behind a railroad track. This occurred at the intersection of IH 610 and Hempstead road, in front of the former Northwest Mall.

HFD Technical rescue lifted a ladder over a train to rescue a patient

Houston Fire Department’s Tactical rescue team had to be called out for this one and they ended up putting a ladder over the train and were able to extract what appeared to be the driver of the vehicle that was flipped over in the woods. The patient was then taken to the hospital via a Houston Fire Department ambulance for injuries sustained during the accident. The condition of his injuries remains unknown at this time.


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