Sunday, December 3

Speeding driver flips vehicle and causes major fire at roofing supply company in NW Houston

A driver in NW Houston caused a major fire at a commercial roofing supply and distribution company after she was speeding down Mitchelldale St, just off of Antonie and US 290, and flipped her vehicle, causing it to catch on fire. The accident occurred at about 9:45 p.m. on July 11, 2022.

Within minutes, the fire spread from her vehicle to supplies that were being stored in the parking lot of Commercial Distribution Specialists and staged for deliveries in the morning. These products, mostly made out of styrofoam, caught on fire and the fire spread quickly throughout the lot. The driver we are told somehow walked away without any major injuries. The roofing supply company had major damage to at least one semi-truck and products outside. The flames were high enough that transformers in front of the business had fire damage to them.

Speeding driver flips vehicle and causes major fire at roofing supply/distribution company in NW Houston

Houston Firefighters worked to contain the fire from affecting other buildings nearby and the fire was contained to the parking lot. According to an employee, there was already a shortage of these products, similar to other industries that are seeing product and supply shortages around the world. These supplies that were burned will need to be replaced.

The company, Commercial Distribution Specialists, is located at 5707 Mitchelldale St, in Houston is an award-winning is a full line commercial distributor of roofing supplies and was founded in 2008 according to their website. They have two locations in Texas, and several other locations in Washington, Georgia, and Louisiana. The Mitchelldale location is their only Houston location.

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