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Man accused of killing two people overnight in the Houston area arrested after multi-agency manhunt

Update #1:

According to police, two men, in a Nissan Altima met up with the two men in the Mercedes for a transaction, which turned into a carjacking. This occurred at the Checkpoint Gas station mentioned below.

For some unspecified reason, one of the men from the Altima got inside the Mercedes and fired a few rounds. The driver of the Mercedes was hit in this initial gunfire, somehow got out of the Mercedes, and ran into the gas station for help. The driver (Victim #1) later died at the hospital.

With the second victim still inside, the gunman drove off in the Mercedes. At some point, the passenger was pushed out by the gunman onto Pearland Pkwy. It is not known if this second victim died from a gunshot, or from being pushed out of the vehicle.

The driver of the Nissan Altima sped off from the gas station. The Altima was found at a residence and police say they have detained a person of interest.

The gunman in the Mercedes is who you see in the above video (and the picture below).

Original Story:

A man that is suspected of killing two people in the Houston area overnight was arrested overnight after a manhunt that included multiple agencies.

Police believe the suspect is responsible for the shooting of one person at a Checkpoint Gas Station located at 10658 Monroe Rd in south Houston near Hobby Airport. The victim was transported to a local hospital. According to a police officer, the victim later died. This has not yet been confirmed. This investigation is ongoing. A shoe and quite a bit of cash were spotted on the ground after the victim left. It is not known how much cash was on the ground. EMS was dispatched just before 2 a.m. on August 1, 2022.

A second body was found south of the gas station scene by the Pearland Parkway bridge, just south of Beltway 8. Pearland Police had this bridge closed and it is not clear how or when the second victim died, but it is believed to be connected to the suspect accused of murdering the first victim.

Police were able to get a description of the suspect’s vehicle, a Mercedes, and Friendswood police spotted the vehicle in Friendswood, TX, not far from the two homicide scenes. The suspect ended up crashing his vehicle and was arrested on Dixie Farm Road, just west of I-45. According to police officers canvassing the suspect lost his tire when he hit the curb at 100 mph. He would travel almost another mile before losing control. Police caught up to the suspect shortly after 3 a.m.

The suspect was ambulatory and was walking on his own in handcuffs. Details about the suspect have not been given out just yet, but we will update this page as soon as we have more. The Houston Police Department is leading the investigation.

Double homicide suspect in custody in Friendswood, TX

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