Saturday, July 20

Houston driver rear-ends patrol vehicle blocking traffic for fatal accident investigation

As police were investigating a fatal accident on the North Freeway in Houston, a driver rear-ended one of the officer’s patrol vehicles that were blocking traffic.

Police were called out at about 2:25 a.m. to an accident involving a black Jeep Wrangler. Police say the driver of the Jeep Wrangler was driving southbound on the North Freeway at a high rate of speed when they lost control of the vehicle when they exited Crosstimbers Rd.

As the driver lost control, the Jeep Wrangler struck a pillar under the freeway which caused it to roll over. The driver, a woman was ejected from her vehicle and was found a few feet in front of her vehicle.

The driver has not been identified as the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences works to verify who she is, and was pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics with the Houston Fire Department.

According to police, she was the only person involved in the crash and no other vehicles were involved.

As officers were conducting their investigation, they had the service road and Crosstimbers exits blocked off. At around 3:30 a.m., a driver who was headed southbound on the North Freeway rear-ended one of the officer’s patrol vehicles as the driver was exiting the freeway at the Crosstimbers exit. It is not known if the officer was inside his patrol vehicle at the time of the accident, or if any injuries were sustained by either party.

Houston Police say the investigation into the fatal accident is still ongoing.


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