Saturday, June 15

Caught on Camera: Houston rideshare driver enjoys a beer waiting for riders at Bush Intercontinental airport

A rideshare driver has some explaining to do after he was caught drinking a beer while waiting for riders at a staging lot that is designated for drivers waiting for a ride in at Bush Intercontinental Airport on the north side of Houston.

Houston Rideshare Driver Drinking Beer at Staging Lot
A better view of the drink in hand

Another driver, who wishes to remain anonymous sent the above photos to us and stated that the driver pictured above was also “dancing at one point.” This driver did not get the make or model of the driver’s vehicle or license plate since the driver drinking and socializing with other drivers as part of a group and was unable to report him.

For those who are not familiar with how rideshare works at an airport in Houston, drivers are put into a virtual line as soon as they enter what is called the TNC Staging Lot. Once you are inside this line, you will only see requests for airport rides.

There is also signage at the TNC staging lots that make it very clear that you are not supposed to be there unless you have your app turned on and are actively waiting on requested rides from the airport

It should be noted though that the same lot is used for both Uber and Lyft drivers that are waiting for rides.

According to Uber, they take these incidents very seriously and have a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to impaired driving whether that is from alcohol or drugs. Drivers and riders who witness this type of behavior can report this on the app.

Lyft, did not respond to our request for comment. However, according to their website, they also have a zero-tolerance policy behavior for impaired driving.


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