Sunday, June 16

Man shoots girlfriend in front of officer shoots at officer, barricades himself and dies after setting fire to the home

Sugarland, TX – A tragic domestic violence incident occurred on the night of April 16th, 2023, at approximately 11 p.m. at a residence on 4100 Issacks Way in Sugarland. A woman called authorities, reporting that she was being assaulted by her boyfriend.

Upon arriving at the scene, an officer witnessed the assault in progress and saw the boyfriend shoot the female. The officer immediately exited the vehicle, prompting the suspect to open fire on the officer. In response, the officer returned fire.

Other officers at the scene were able to extract the female victim from the situation and transport her to a local hospital. Unfortunately, she was later pronounced deceased at the hospital.

At one point, the suspect lit the house on fire. Because of the active scene, police officers donned fire department gear to clear the house.

Inside, they discovered the male suspect dead, though the cause of his death remains unknown.

No officers were injured during the incident.


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