Saturday, June 15

Sister shoots brother after fight erupts among family members

On June 6, 2023, a shooting took place slightly before 9 p.m., injuring an adult male in his early thirties with gunshot wounds to the shoulders. The suspect, a female in her late twenties and the sister of the victim, has been taken into custody.

Earlier in the day, the victim, his sister, and others were at their mother’s house with plans for a movie night. Among those present were a ten-month-old baby, the victim’s child, and a ten or eleven-year-old girl. The older girl was feeding the baby a mint, which led to the baby starting to choke.

One of the adults at the gathering successfully performed medical procedures to dislodge the mint and alleviate the choking. However, this event caused the baby’s father, the shooting victim, to become extremely upset and direct his anger at the older child who had given the candy to the baby.

This situation led to a significant altercation, involving multiple fights between the parties present. A physical fight occurred between the mother of the older girl and the baby’s father. Both siblings, the fight involved the use of mace and ended with the two involved on the ground before it was broken up.

Following the series of disputes, the suspect left the scene, retrieved a pistol from her car, and returned to the home where she shot her brother, the baby’s father. The victim is expected to survive.

Currently, all parties are cooperating with law enforcement. The case is under review by the district attorney’s office and investigators to determine the appropriate course of action.


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