Thursday, April 25

Video: 4-Wheelers and ATVs Cause Chaos on Westheimer Road

HOUSTON, Texas, Aug. 11, 2023 – A flash mob of 4-wheelers and dirt bikes was spotted weaving in and out of traffic and performing dangerous stunts, such as wheelies, on Westheimer Road. The bikers were headed eastbound on Westheimer before they turned south on Chimney Rock.

One rider lost control and fell off his 4-wheeler, sliding on the ground next to his vehicle. The incident occurred at the 49-second mark in a video captured by a bystander. The rider quickly got up and drove off without apparent injury.

Police later made an arrest at 3100 Chimney Rock, resulting in the impoundment of a bike. The individual was charged with Obstructing a Highway (Case No. 247119201010).


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