Thursday, April 25

City of Houston Warns Against Unpermitted Pedicabs During the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

HOUSTON – With the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo drawing large crowds, the City of Houston’s Regulatory Permitting Division issues a stern warning to attendees about the dangers of unpermitted pedicabs, including those with electric assist. The advisory aims to safeguard event-goers from the safety and financial risks associated with using illegal pedicab services for transportation to and from the event.

Attendees are urged to ensure their pedicab ride is legal and safe by looking for a bright yellow certification decal prominently displayed on the vehicle’s seat post. This decal is the city’s assurance that the pedicab has undergone the necessary permitting process and is insured, protecting passengers in the event of an accident. The city strongly advises against engaging services from any pedicab that does not have this certification visible, to avoid potential harm and financial liability.

Kathryn Bruning, Deputy Director of the City of Houston Regulatory Permitting Division, highlighted the increased risk of encountering unpermitted pedicabs during high-profile events like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Bruning cautioned that choosing to ride in an unpermitted pedicab not only exposes passengers to safety risks but also to the possibility of significant medical expenses should an accident occur.

The City of Houston is taking a proactive stance against illegal pedicabs by enforcing penalties, including citations and fines up to $500, for those operating without a valid permit. This enforcement effort underscores the city’s dedication to ensuring the safety and legal compliance of pedicab services, particularly during major events that attract large numbers of visitors. Event attendees are encouraged to remain vigilant and confirm the permit status of pedicabs to ensure a secure and lawful transportation experience.

For pedicab operators seeking to obtain or renew a permit, detailed information and guidance are available through direct communication with the city’s regulatory body. Operators can email the Regulatory Permitting Division at for inquiries, application forms, and additional information on the permitting process. Alternatively, those preferring verbal communication can reach out by calling 832-394-8801 to speak with a representative who can assist with questions and provide support through the application process.


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