Saturday, July 20

Chief Finner Announces Increased Law Enforcement Presence in Third Ward 

HOUSTON, TEXAS – April 28, 2024 – In response to ongoing concerns about safety and crime in Third Ward, local law enforcement officials, led by Police Chief Finner, have announced a significant increase in policing efforts and community collaboration to tackle the area’s issues. This initiative follows a community meeting held on Thursday, where residents expressed their concerns and called for action.

Chief Finner emphasized the importance of working closely with community members to develop effective strategies. He reassured residents that changes were already being implemented, noting the immediate results of increased police presence and enforcement activities.

During the first night of the initiative, law enforcement teams confiscated multiple weapons, including assault rifles and pistols, and conducted numerous traffic stops, leading to citations and vehicle tows aimed at enhancing safety and order in the area.

Chief Finner also highlighted the need for local businesses to act as good neighbors. He stressed the importance of responsible business practices in fostering a safe and welcoming community environment.  

The police chief promised continued engagement with the community, including future meetings to discuss progress and necessary adjustments. He also mentioned plans to be personally involved on the streets, engaging with both residents and business operators to gather feedback and enforce safety measures actively.

After the media briefing, Chief Finner went on a walk and engaged with several members of the community to address concerns.


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