Thursday, July 18

Two people were shot in the head during a road rage shooting in North Houston

HOUSTON, TX (May 5, 2024) – A man and a woman, have been hospitalized after being shot in the head during a road rage shooting. The shooting took place around 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning on the Eastex Freeway.

According to police, both parties were traveling from the Deerpark/Pasadena area when they both thought they were being followed by one another.

At one point, a shooting broke out on the Eastex Freeway between Parker and Crosstimbers. It is not known at this time who shot first but one person is in custody.

Two people in one vehicle, a male driver and a female passenger were struck in the head. Both of them were taken to the hospital. As of the last update, the female was in critical condition and the male was in stable condition.


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