Thursday, July 18

Two Men Injured in Shooting at Bar Following Dispute Over Stolen Phone

HOUSTON, TX – Two men were shot at Zunex Sports Bar in Houston after one of them stole a waitress’s phone.

This started to occur just before 2 a.m.

According to police a waitress who was tending to the bar at the time, walked away and left her phone at the bar. When she came back, she noticed her phone was missing. The manager then reviewed video footage and noticed that a man who was at the bar drinking with his friend stole the phone.

The waitress then confronted the man about the stolen phone and he denied it.

She then called her boyfriend who was nearby, and he stopped by to confront the man who stole her phone. This led to a physical escalation. The boyfriend then went to grab a gun out of his car and hit the man in the head with the gun.

At that point, the men started to fight for the gun. The friend then comes out of the bar to help his friend, and the boyfriend of the waitress shoots the gun twice, striking both of them in the torso. The one who did not steal the phone walked away, laid down and waited for help. The man who stole the phone continued to fight until he collapsed. The waitress then took the gun away from the boyfriend and handed it over to the police when they arrived.

The Houston Fire Department transported both of the gunshot victims to the hospital and at this point, they are expected to be okay.

The boyfriend stayed at the scene and admitted to shooting both of the men. Investigators will be working with the District Attorney’s office to determine charges.


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