Sunday, April 21

HPD shoots suspect who pointed a gun towards kids during an argument with his girlfriend

A man was fatally shot by Houston Police Officers after police responded to a call about a robbery at 7:46 p.m.

According to Executive Assistant Chief Larry J Satterwhite: When officers arrived, police learned of a disturbance between a female and her boyfriend. The female stated that her boyfriend was acting weird and accused her of having someone else in the car. He pointed a gun toward her children. She got the kids out of the vehicle and called the police. While police were gathering information about her boyfriend (the suspect), he came back to the house. Seeing the officer, he spun out and took off. The police officer then chased after him while another one was coming in the opposite direction on Cheeves Dr in North Houston. The suspect ended up hitting the second responding officer head on in the 11000 block of Cheeves in North Houston.

The officer gave verbal commands for the suspect to come out of the vehicle when the suspect, came out of the vehicle with the firearm “in a threatening manner” and officers engaged in shooting against the suspect. The suspect ran off and the police chased him and ended up shooting him multiple times. The officers caught up to him and immediately started life-saving procedures despite the suspect resisting arrest once the suspect was secured. The suspect was alive when he was transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The officer involved in the head-on collision was taken to the hospital for treatment for injuries from the accident and is in stable condition.

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