Tuesday, November 28

Suspect shot by police after attacking random victim at a Houston Walmart

Executive Assistant Chief James Jones with the Houston Police Department said in a press statement that at about 7:24 p.m. on June 26, 2022, a suspect walked into a Walmart in the 4400 Block of the North Freeway where he confronted a random person in the checkout line. As he exited the store, the victim was struck once with a punch and then hit with a bat or table leg. The suspect walked out of the store and a police officer working an extra job at the store was flagged down, saw the suspect, and engaged with the suspect. The suspect ignored the officer and the officer caught up to him at the Panda Express in the same shopping center where a struggle ensued. The officer, who has seven years of experience with the Houston Police Department, discharged his taser at least twice at which point the suspect tried to grab the taser. At that point, the police officer fired discharged his weapon and the suspect ran around the Panda Express towards the Chik-Fil-A in the same shopping center. Two cops were arriving on the scene at that point and were able to take custody of the suspect at gunpoint. The Houston Fire Department was called while the officers rendered first aid to the suspect. The suspect, who was shot in the torso is expected to survive and is in stable condition. The officer who discharged his firearm was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of lacerations and other injuries.

An investigation will be completed by the Houston Homicide Special Investigative Unit, Internal Affairs and Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

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