Saturday, July 20

Family of four injured in a major head-on collision Sunday morning in Houston on Parker Rd.

July 17, 2022 – A family of four was transported to a nearby hospital after being injured in a head-on collision at about 2:50 a.m. caused by another driver in the 900 Block of Parker Rd, close to the Hardy Toll Rd in Houston.

According to Sgt. David Rose with the Houston Police Department, a white Chrysler Pacifica was headed westbound when the driver started “riding the median”. As the vehicle was on the median, headed westbound towards I-45, the family in the pickup truck that traveling eastbound was struck by the driver in the white Pacifica.

The family in the pickup truck was taken to a nearby hospital and received treatment for injuries and were listed in stable condition. The family did not suffer any major injuries. However, the driver of the Chrysler Pacifica was taken to Ben Taub hospital in serious condition and was in surgery for at least a few hours. His condition remains unknown, but investigators on the scene were investigating the accident as a potentially fatal accident Sunday morning.

Sgt. Rose of the Houston Police Department stated on the scene that it was unclear at the moment if the driver of the Chrysler Pacifica was under the influence, or having a medical issue that caused him to lose control of the vehicle. However, investigators determined that he was riding on the median for a while before crashing into the pickup truck that was carrying the family of four.

The investigation remains in its early stages and we will update you as soon as we have more.


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