Saturday, June 15

Two people were shot after good samaritans intervened to stop a mother from being assaulted while walking with her baby

Police say the suspect and the mother, who was walking with her baby at the time, were arguing when he decided to assault her. A group of samaritans saw her being attacked and decided to attack the suspect. After the attack, the suspect came back with a gun and fired multiple rounds into a crowd outside AM Mini Mart in Southeast Houston. Two victims were transported to a local hospital.

Lt. J.P. Horelica of the Houston Police Department stated in a press briefing that southeast patrol units responded to the shooting and found two victims.

According to Lt. Horelica, it originally started as a domestic dispute, around 12:40 a.m. on July 18, 2022, between a male and a female walking with her baby down Cullen.

As they were walking past the store, the man attacked the mother. A group of good samaritans at the store noticed this, and intervened, attacking the man.

The male who assaulted the female left the location after being attacked and came back a short time later in a black Chevy Tahoe. He opened fire on the crowd of people gathered outside the store before taking off.

The shooter struck one male in the back and a leg. Another woman was struck in her leg. Paramedics rushed both victims to the hospital. The man is in critical condition, while the female is currently in stable condition. Bullet holes can be seen on a red Dodge Ram pickup truck that was in the store parking lot. A silver Chevy Cruze also had a flat tire after the tire was struck by a bullet.

While the suspect was firing into the crowd, another party opened fire on the suspect. Both fled the scene and police are currently searching for them.

The mother and the child both left the scene before the shooting. Police are working to track them down, but both are thought to be safe at this time. The Houston Police Department will be leading the investigation.

Two people were shot after good samaritans intervened to stop a mother from being attacked

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