Saturday, June 15

Old Town Spring store owner allegedly shoots dog in cold blood

A dog lover, A. Capurso is seeking the public’s assistance after a man shot a husky named Paco that she used to foster after he escaped from his new home. She is hoping to help identify the man responsible and bring him to justice.

On July 19, 2022, two dogs were able to somehow escape from their new owner’s home, including Paco. A man around 9 p.m. shown in this video, whose identity has yet to be confirmed (we will update here as soon as we are able to confirm his identity) decided to shoot at one one of them, Paco. The shooter fired multiple rounds but Paco was hit just one time according to A. Capurso. One of his arms had to be amputated (shown in the picture below)

In the video, you can see Paco appeared to be trying to get his attention, but it is hard to tell from the video if Paco was barking or not. However, you can see Paco was wagging his tail, and does not appear to be aggressive at all.

The shooter appears to casually walk away but then came back for shell casings left behind at the scene.

A. Capurso and the owners believe the man is one of the shop owners in Old Town Spring after several shop owners came forward (off record for fear of retaliation ) about who the man can be.

The second dog ran off when the man pulled the trigger and was unharmed. Paco was dropped off at the owner’s home after being shot, but it is unknown who dropped him off. A. Capurso also stated that both dogs have had a history of escaping, and several shop owners were familiar with them and found both dogs to be friendly.


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