Saturday, June 15

Serial Road Rager terrorizes residents in the Heights neighborhood of Houston

A man that we caught on camera last week chasing a mini-cooper in the Heights area of Houston last Wednesday, has been connected to another road rage incident that also took place in the Heights at the end of June 2022.

The man, who drives a black Ford King Ranch pickup truck was caught on camera, yelling racist obscenities over a parking spot outside a restaurant by White Oak Dr.

According to E. Rivera, who was with her kids at the time, the man was intoxicated and became upset when they wouldn’t move from a parking space that he wanted after the family told them they were not leaving yet. At that point, Rivera stated that he started to curse at her kids because they were inside of the vehicle at the time and were not moving the vehicle as he wanted.

He continued to get out of the car and started yelling, calling them “poor a*** Mexicans*, and that their vehicle was a “poverty vehicle” and that they reminded him of the lady who he pays to clean their house. At one point, he was even spitting on Rivera’s windows.

According to Rivera, a couple of onlookers who were nearby decided to try and calm down the man which did not help. As she was calling the police, he decided to get back into his truck and almost ran over two people as well as a cyclist.

In the video above, he claims to be “doing this for years”, so there are likely more stories of him out there. If you have any stories or videos of the guy shown below, feel free to reach out to us via our website.

Serial Road Rager terrorizes the Heights area of Houston
Credit: E. Rivera


  • Myra

    This is the kind of hate that is the byproduct of the right wing racists mentality. Being an Amercan is no longer something to be proud of.
    And the stupidity of both of these people is massive. Thanks to Abbott we do not know who is carrying a gun…do NOT get into fights with these morons. He could have done much more than just drive away.

  • Jesse

    That’s the most idiotic reply. I’m Hispanic, Conservative and proud to be American. You can’t control who and what people hate, it’s their choice, whether you agree with it or not. You can’t make people like you.

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