Thursday, July 18

Negligence is to blame for concrete truck falling off freeway and tragically killing toddler, family attorney says

A mother is grieving after losing her 22-month-old son when a cement truck fell from an above freeway on top of a vehicle below an overpass that was carrying the Resendiz family. The family has now filed a lawsuit in the Harris County District Court asking to be compensated for their son’s wrongful death and injuries sustained from the tragic accident. The accident occurred on Beltway 8 East at Woodforest on August 5, 2022.

During the initial investigation, Lt. Simon Cheng with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the driver of the cement mixer stated that the truck started slipping and she lost control of the vehicle, hitting a concrete barrier. The barrier was not able to stop the cement truck, and she ended up on top of a vehicle carrying the Resendiz family, crushing the back of the vehicle. Witnesses rushed in to help and were able to save the grandmother, the mother, and her daughter. They were not able to save the 22-month-old son, that was the twin brother of the girl that was rescued.

A press release from the family’s attorney Terry Bryant was released on August 12. In the release, Bryant stated, “Too often, trucking companies and their employees don’t take proper precautions to protect other drivers on the road.”

HCSO Patrol Vehicle on Woodforest @ Beltway 8

The lawsuit, claims the company, National Ready Mix, LLC (based out in Kingwood, TX) was negligent and that negligence contributed to the tragic death of the toddler.

Bryant also stated in the press release that “This family will always carry the burden of their grief for the loss of their precious son, grandson, and brother. Were it not for the careless action on the part of the trucking company, he would be here today. Now, the mother and grandmother will live with the physical injuries they sustained and the unimaginably painful loss of their beloved little twin boy”.

The case is styled Resendiz, Jennifer vs. National Ready Mix LLC and can be found in the Harris County District Court No. 333. (Case No. 202248226- 7)


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