Saturday, July 20

Pasadena father accused of brutally murdering his own newborn son back in 2020 is now in custody

After nearly two years, a Pasadena man has finally been charged and arrested in connection with the brutal killing of his six-week-old son, Xavier Jr.

Vista Road in Pasadena

According to court documents, on November 11, 2020, paramedics were dispatched to the 200 Block of Vista Road in Pasadena after a report of an unresponsive infant. Upon arrival, paramedics found baby Xavier and rushed him to HCA Houston Healthcare Souteast hospital. Due to the extent of the injuries, baby Xavier was flown to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Houston Medical Center where he remained in critical condition for over a week. Baby Xavier was pronounced deceased on November 20, 2020. An autopsy was performed on November 22, 2022.

The father, who seemed cooperative early on in the investigation told investigators early on that after he was done feeding baby Xavier, he burped him and decided to place him in the bathtub. As he was placing him in the bathtub, he noticed baby Xavier became unresponsive.

The Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy results found that the cause of death was “multiple blunt force injuries.”

Investigators then went to consult with a doctor in the Child Abuse Pediatrics department at Texas Children’s Hospital about the autopsy results. The doctor stated that the injuries found in the autopsy results were “consistent with kicking, stomping and/or throwing of the victim”, and that “the injuries were consistent with a blunt object or with a crushing force.” According to the doctor, these injuries could only be explained by physical abuse.

After killing his son, Whitaker was accused of assaulting a pregnant person, (the case was dismissed) and evading arrest.

Whitaker was charged with Murder on August 8, 2022, and was subsequently arrested.


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