Thursday, February 22

Two men get away after attempting to steal an ATM from Chase Bank in Tomball with a pickup truck

Tomball police are searching for two men after they attempted to steal an ATM machine from a Chase Bank in Tomball Town Center early Wednesday morning before they realized it was too heavy.

According to Tomball Police Chief Jeff Bert, just after midnight two men tried to steal the ATM from the Chase Bank shortly after midnight on August 17, 2022, using a pickup truck and a tow strap.

After they arrived at the bank, the suspects tied a tow strap around the ATM and then attached it to their pickup truck. The suspects then used the pickup truck to yank the ATM machine off of its posts but couldn’t move it further than that.

Officers with the Tomball Police Department arrived a few minutes later to find the ATM laying on its side, but the suspects had already fled. The ATM was not broken open and Chase Bank employees confirmed nothing was taken.

A short time later, officers with the Tomball Police Department were able to locate the pickup truck they believe was used in the attempted robbery about half a mile away from the crime scene. Police then impounded the pickup truck, which had not been reported stolen. Since the robbery happened overnight, Chief Bert says the owners may not be aware that their truck was stolen.

Chief Bert also stated that they have several leads on who the suspects might be and officers are working on these leads in order to track down the suspects.

If you have any information about this case, you are urged to contact the Tomball Police Department directly at 281-351-5451.

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