Thursday, May 23

Office workers are now suing the building after the janitor urinates in a woman’s water bottle and gives them STD’s

A lawsuit has now been filed on behalf of the woman whose water bottle was urinated in by a janitor, which police have identified as Lucio Diaz who was assigned to clean offices at the East Houston Medical Office Building located at 1140 Westmont.

According to the lawsuit, in August 2022, the woman noticed that the water bottles she left behind to drink the next day would have foul smells, or tasted foul. The woman decided at one point to tell a co-worker and both of them agreed it smelled like urine. They tested the water that smelled like urine and the tests determined it was in fact, urine.

At this point, the lawsuit states the woman decided to purchase a hidden camera from Amazon and place it on her desk in order to find out how this was happening. On September 26, 2022, this camera ended up recording an overnight janitor, Lucio Diaz, urinating inside the bottle. When he was done urinating, he put the cap back on, zipped up his pants, and cleaned the desk. The woman observed that he was not phased at all as he did this, leading her to believe this was part of his “daily cleaning ritual.” She then contacted the Houston Police Department and made a report. The next day, on September 27, 2022, she contacted the building’s management and told them what was happening, and sent the video. The building asked her to not tell the other tenants and that they will notify them. The building did not notify other tenants and Lucio Diaz was caught on camera again later that night (September 27) urinating in her water bottle.

The woman and the three other plaintiffs listed in the lawsuit have tested positive for “incurable sexually transmitted diseases that will forever affect their lives”, after coming into contact with Diaz’s bodily fluids, according to the lawsuit,

This lawsuit was filed on October 20, 2022, in Harris County District Court (Case No. 2022-68700).


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