Saturday, June 15

Caught on Camera: Driver collides with deer on Will Clayton Pkwy in northeast Harris County

In typical deer fashion, a deer decided to cross a busy street as soon as cars were coming and it was caught on camera, shown below (It is not too gory, but viewer discretion is advised).

Spoiler Alert: It did not end well for the deer.

The incident happened around 11:43 a.m. on November 1, 2022. Deviating from Houston Stringer’s usual course of trying to not be part of the story, this footage was captured on my dashcam. While I do not recommend the dashcam I bought (see the “0 mph”?), I do highly recommend that every driver purchases a dashcam, for a variety of reasons. In this case, colliding with a deer in what for all intents and purposes is in a city, may have your insurance company asking questions. A dashcam answers these very easily.

Deer gets hit by vehicle in Humble, TX

Anyhow, back to the story:

There were of course no cars in front of me as I waited at the light at Atascocita Rd. and Will Clayton Pkwy. As the light turned green and I started to head westbound, all of a sudden I saw something moving and slammed on the brakes. It did not register in my mind that that was a deer until I saw it hit the vehicle that was coming up from behind me, a red BMW. If you watched the video, what you did not see on the video, was the deer flying into a ditch full of water, bouncing up, and finally being stopped by a utility pole.

The driver of the BMW continued to drive on, so I assumed everything was okay. It was not until I saw the video, that I saw the BMW may have had some front-end damage. With that said, if you are the owner of the BMW, please reach out and I will send the video over to you if your insurance needs it.


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