Saturday, July 20

Houston Astros Fans Celebrate Outside Minute Maid Park

After the Houston Astros beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2022 World Series, fans took to the streets to celebrate the Houston Astros winning the world championship.

Houston Astros fans of all ages celebrated in the streets outside Minute Maid Park. Drivers honked their horns, while their passengers (both kids and adults alike) screamed out the windows and sunroofs with excitement after learning the Astros had secured the 2022 World Series title.

Other fans climbed on top of barriers and anything else they could find like the street poles that you can see in the above video and danced the night away.

The Houston Astros entered the playoffs and had to battle it out with the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees in order to clench the 2022 ALDS and ALCS titles.

Let us never forget how badly the New York Yankees wanted to play the Astros. They quickly realized that they had underestimated the Astros roster under Dusty Baker’s leadership and regretted this decision after the Astros ended up beating the New York Yankees in a sweep.

After the Astros’ first World Series title in 2017, they came under fire during a cheating scandal that alleged the Astros used sign-stealing practices in order to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Since the scandal broke, the Astros went on to play in two more World Series appearances but lost to the Atlanta Braves in 2021 and the Washington Nationals in 2019.

This 2022 World Series proves that the Astros are a formidable opponent, despite their recent troubled past.


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