Thursday, July 18

Video: A woman was killed after driving the wrong way on a Houston freeway

November 26, 2022 – A woman driver was killed early Saturday morning after going the wrong way on two different Houston freeways. A Harris County Constable saw her going the wrong way on the Hardy Toll Road and tried to get her attention by driving alongside on the opposite side of the freeway, in the correct direction.

Police say she never noticed the Constable trying to get her attention and she ended up traveling a good distance. She ended up colliding with another driver in the 8100 block of the North Loop East Freeway (610) between Wayside and N. McCarty around 1:50 a.m. This is about 5 miles east of where the Hardy Toll Road and 610 meet and is on the northeast side of Houston.

The driver that the woman collided with was a male traveling in a sedan. He was taken to a local hospital and is said to be in critical condition.

Accident investigators with the Houston Police Department are working to determine why the woman was traveling in the wrong direction in the first place and why she seemed unfazed by the Constable’s attempts to get her attention. Police say it is too early in the investigation to determine if the woman was under the influence of alcohol or another substance. This is one of the questions that will be answered during the investigation.

If you have any information about this case, you are urged to contact the Houston Police Department or their Vehicular Crimes Division.

We will keep you updated on any further developments.


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