Sunday, April 21

Caught on Camera: Driver running red light causes crash then flees the scene

November 26, 2022 – The Houston Police Department can now add a white SUV to their long list of vehicles that have fled the scene.

The accident happened at 11:42 p.m. in the 600 block of Jefferson Street at Smith Street when a white SUV traveling eastbound on Jefferson decided that red lights were not worth waiting at.

Very often we see drivers running a red light a couple of seconds after the light has turned green for the other drivers that have the right of way. This happens so often that many of us decide to wait a couple of seconds before proceeding through our very own green light, legally.

Sometimes, that couple of seconds is not enough. The white SUV in the video that caused the accident traveled through the intersection nearly four seconds after the driver of the Chevy (and the rest of the vehicles headed southbound on Smith) had the green light. This caused the Chevy to slam into the rear of the vehicle which caused his airbags to deploy which ended up causing the Chevy to be disabled.

Of course, the white SUV did not appear to sustain any substantial damage as the driver decided it was best to flee the scene before the police arrived and were able to do so.

Kudo’s to the Houston Police Department who arrived quickly on the scene before I could save the video and circle back.

If you know of anyone with a white SUV who received damage towards the driver-side rear of the vehicle between Saturday night and Sunday morning, please reach out to the Houston Police Department.


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