Thursday, July 18

Video: Complaint of loud music leads to an officer shooting and killing a man with a knife

Houston, TX, May 13, 2023 – A graduation party on the northside of Houston turned deadly when an officer-involved shooting occurred late last night. The male involved in the incident did not survive his injuries despite immediate attempts to save his life.

Executive Assistant Chief B. Tien of the Houston Police Department provided details on the incident, which started around 11:18 p.m. at a residence on the 100 block of Palmyra. According to Tien, the incident began as a disturbance over loud music at the graduation party. A male from the neighborhood confronted the partygoers, threatening them with a knife and promising to return if the music wasn’t turned down.

Houston Police officers arrived shortly after being dispatched and began conducting interviews with party attendees. During the interviews, the male who had earlier threatened the partygoers returned to the scene. Officers commanded him multiple times to drop his knife, but he continued to advance toward them. One officer backed into a vehicle and with no room to maneuver, discharged his firearm. The male was struck multiple times and did not survive his injuries.

He was transported to the hospital by the Houston Fire Department (HFD) and was later pronounced deceased.

The Special Investigation Unit and Homicide Division are on the scene, along with the Crime Scene Unit, which is processing the scene. In addition, the Internal Affairs Division is conducting a concurrent administrative investigation. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is also conducting a separate investigation.

The Houston Police Department is requesting that any witnesses or individuals with video footage of the incident come forward to assist with the ongoing investigations.

As per protocol, the officers involved in the incident had their body cameras on. The footage will be released within 30 days per HPD policy.


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