Saturday, June 15

Grass fire possibly caused by fireworks burns fifteen acres in northeast Houston .mp4

On July 3, 2023, at 9:48 p.m., Houston firefighters responded to a substantial wildland/grass fire near 8006 Rand St.

Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a large grass fire spreading across two to three acres. The teams promptly set about dampening the area around the sides of the fire and called for additional units. Support from the Wildland division of the Houston Fire Department (HFD), along with a drone, was requested.

Firefighters established a fire watch on the neighborhood street north of the fire to protect nearby properties and residents. The blaze was successfully brought under control and fully extinguished.

As there are currently no reports of injuries, property damage, or property saved, the incident’s full impact remains unclear. HFD Arson investigators have been called to the scene to determine the cause of the fire, but firefighters at the time of the fire speculated that it may have been caused by fireworks.

The response to this incident involved 24 personnel, including crews from Stations 32, 77, 101, 34, 21, and 43.


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