Saturday, June 15

Man shot after attacking pregnant woman at Oakwood Gardens

HOUSTON, TEXAS, August 26, 2023 – Houston Police Department officers are currently investigating a fatal shooting that occurred at the Oakwood Gardens Condominiums located at 5600 Antoine. The incident reportedly began with a domestic disturbance between a 20-year-old pregnant female resident and a male, believed to be her boyfriend.

The male forcefully entered the woman’s residence, situated at the back of the apartment complex, kicking in the door and physically assaulting her. Afterward, the male made his way toward the front of the complex. At this point, a male relative of the assaulted female, along with the female herself, also moved to the front of the residence. A shooting ensued, resulting in the male relative fatally shooting the man who had initially assaulted the pregnant woman.

Officers arriving on the scene reported hearing the gunshots. Teams of officers were dispatched to both the back and front of the complex. The armed male relative was taken into custody without further incident. The investigation is ongoing.


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