Saturday, June 15

Fatal Shooting in Houston Started as a Attempted Robbery

HOUSTON – A fatal shooting incident occurred at 5600 Maxwell in Houston at 1 a.m. on Jan. 6, 2024, initially reported as a robbery that escalated into a shooting.

An adult male, estimated to be in his late twenties or thirties, was found deceased at the scene. He had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was believed to be possibly armed.

Witness accounts described a scenario where a male and female, returning from a meal in a truck, were involved in the incident. The male, who went up to his apartment, left the female in the truck. During his absence, two armed individuals, one male (possibly the deceased) and one possibly female, approached the female in the truck and forcibly pulled her out at gunpoint.

The male from the apartment, upon hearing the commotion and identified as a friend of the female, confronted the assailants with a weapon. This confrontation led to an exchange of gunfire. The deceased male is suspected to have been one of the robbers, shot during this exchange. The other individual involved in the attempted robbery reportedly fled the scene on foot.


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