Saturday, June 15

Man dies in fatal crash on North Freeway

HOUSTON, TEXAS – February 5, 2024 – Houston police are investigating a fatal crash that occurred early Saturday, February 3, at the 12500 block of North Freeway around 2:55 a.m. The crash resulted in the death of 33-year-old Joshua Ivie.

According to the HPD Vehicular Crimes Division, a 27-year-old male driving a white Chevrolet Silverado southbound on the North Freeway collided with a silver Kia Soul. The Kia was disabled from a previous accident and was stationary in the right-hand lane of the exit ramp. The collision pushed the Kia into Joshua Ivie, who had exited the disabled vehicle.

Ivie was pronounced dead at the scene by responding paramedics from the Houston Fire Department.

The driver of the Chevrolet, found to be impaired at the time of the accident, was detained by the police. However, after consultation with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the driver was released pending further investigation into the crash.



  • Anonymous

    This is what he gets. He killed a woman the exact same way last August and should not have been out in these streets. He was going 90mph and struck a woman and fleed the scene. Died the same way! Karma

    • Britanny D Beckham

      Obviously you know him, and that’s why you’re not putting your name. But he didn’t deserve that, and it was an accidental death at night. And he wasn’t impaired. Remember this, you also reap what you sew.

  • Just a construction worker

    I say an eye for eye and tooth for tooth….I knew the looser/felon/drug user and he deserved what he got….unfortunately he had 3 girls left behind but they prob will not miss him either….he was a POS dad as well, he was my lazy neighbor as well, Lived rent free off his mom in law and refuse to do any kind of yard maintenance… for you Becky D Beckham I did personally know him and if you did not then shut your pie hole.

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