Sunday, June 16

One man detained by police after accident topples over utility pole

Several vehicles were involved in an accident in the 4800 block of East Mount Houston, near the Eastex freeway that occurred around 10 p.m. on September 2, 2022. At least one of these hit a utility pole at some point during the accident.

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One man also appeared to be detained by police after the accident that took place in front of Manny’s Mexican Grill & Seafood restaurant in north Houston. It is not clear why he was detained. Surprisingly, there did not seem to be any major injuries and tow trucks were observed picking up vehicles on the scene.

If you lost power it should be on fairly quickly as crews who were working on a project down the street witnessed the accident and started to work on repairs almost immediately.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation into how the accident was caused.


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