Thursday, July 18

Three men were shot during a possible robbery attempt in southeast Houston

Three adult males believed to be in their mid-twenties were shot during a possible robbery attempt in southeast Houston around 2:30 a.m.

According to Lt. Willkens of the Houston Police Department, a sedan with two adult males and a truck with four males ended up having a major altercation that resulted in three of the males being shot.

The shooting took place in the 7000 Block of Herbert near Harwell Rd in the Lawndale/Wayside area of Houston.

All three males were transported to a local hospital for their injuries, but one of these males who was transported to a local hospital was listed in critical condition. His condition remains unknown at this time. Three other men who believe to be involved in the shooting were also detained at the scene.

Police believe it may have started with a minor crash down the road. The truck then crashed into the sedan and disabled it and that is when a major altercation started. Police found multiple shell casings and guns at the scene that were used during the shooting.

The events leading up to the shooting are not exactly clear as both parties involved are telling conflicting stories but some of the men are saying that they were being robbed for their cellphones, and money and also claim to be attacked.

Officers with the Houston Police Department are canvassing the area and hope to find surveillance footage that will help them reveal the truth about what happened. Police are asking anyone who has any information to contact the Houston Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.


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