Sunday, June 16

Video: Driver arrested after driving the wrong way, found asleep at wheel by police near Herman Park

October 16, 2022 – A suspected intoxicated driver was found by police in the roundabout near Herman Park in the Museum District of Houston after he ran his vehicle onto a curb and fell asleep at one point.

User-generated video provided to (shown at the beginning of the above video) shows the driver stumbling around his vehicle before entering and turning north onto Fannin St., which is a one-way street that runs south through Houston.

The witness stated that as they were about to call 911, the driver (who turned around when he saw was facing two trucks in front of him after turning the wrong way) sped off, and ran several lights. The witness lost sight of him somewhere on Fannin and decided it may have been a waste of time to contact the police. Police found the man around 1:30 a.m. in the roundabout that surrounds Mecom Fountain, near Herman Park where he apparently crashed his vehicle on top of a curb. It is not known if he fell asleep before hitting the curb or after.

The responding officer, promptly checked on the man and removed the keys from the ignition, and waited for paramedics to show up to evaluate him. After paramedics with the Houston Fire Department made sure the man did not need any further medical attention, the man was taken into custody by the Houston Police Department.

It is not known what substance the man was intoxicated with but at one point he had trouble standing up and needed assistance from the paramedics as well as the officers who were making the arrest.


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