Sunday, June 16

Video: Two victims are in critical condition after being shot during a gunfight at a park in Houston

Two people have been listed in critical condition after a gunfight broke out at a Houston area park.

According to Lt. J.P. Horelica of the Houston Police department, around 10:44 p.m., police were called out to a Chevron located at 1406 W Gulf Bank Rd in north Houston.

Upon arrival, they found two male victims that appeared to have both been shot in the chest area. Paramedics arrived on the scene as well and transported both of the victims to nearby hospitals where they underwent surgery and are said to be in critical condition.

During their investigation, police learned that a man and his girlfriend were sitting in their car, a Nissan sedan, at Stubener Airline Park, located at 9201 Veterans Memorial Dr., when a Chevy Tahoe approached the man and his girlfriend.

The three men that were inside the Chevy Tahoe then got out of the SUV and confronted the man and his girlfriend who sitting in the Nissan. Police believe this is when the gunfight started and the driver of the Nissan was shot during the gunfight. The driver of the sedan was able to somehow get away and pulled into the Chevron, which is located about half a mile away from the park. This is when first responders were initially dispatched.

While on the scene, the Chevy Tahoe from the shooting happened to pull into the gas station and ask for help for a second victim. Police quickly realized that the Tahoe was also involved. The two men in the Tahoe that were not shot were detained as police worked to determine what happened.

While there is not a definitive motive at this time, police believe this may have been an attempted robbery.

This is a developing story. If you have any other information, you are urged to contact the Houston Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.


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