Saturday, June 15

Court Docs: Houston man impersonated police to break into home while out on bond for mail theft

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A local man, Douglas Paul Cody, has been accused of multiple criminal acts, including impersonating a public servant, mail theft, and use of a stolen vehicle. The Assistant District Attorney of Harris County has revealed these charges in a recently released document.

On June 23, 2023, Cody allegedly posed as a peace officer from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and managed to gain access to a local resident’s home. The charges assert that Cody’s intent was to exploit the resident’s trust and induce submission to his pretended authority.

Prior to this incident, on January 10, 2023, Cody was implicated in a case of mail theft, a felony offense.

Based on an anonymous tip, investigators recovered 573 articles of mail addressed to 43 different individuals from a residence where Cody was residing. Cody later admitted to the theft, explaining that he created a pick key to access community mailboxes.

Cody was out on bond for the mail theft charge at the time of the impersonation incident. The document also reveals that along with the mail theft, Cody was charged with using a stolen vehicle, but no further details on this charge were provided.

With multiple charges lodged against him, Cody faces serious legal repercussions. The case continues to develop and updates will be shared as they become available.


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