Saturday, July 20

Fatal Shooting on Sunnyside Street in North Houston

HOUSTON – A fatal shooting occurred at 215 Sunnyside Street in North Houston at 9 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2024. An adult male victim was found deceased at the scene with gunshot wounds to his upper extremities and torso.

The Houston Police Department reported that when officers arrived, they found the deceased with a knife in his hand. It remains unclear whether the victim was involved in a struggle prior to the shooting.

Witnesses, who were in a parked car nearby, heard gunshots and then saw the man lying down. They also reported observing an SUV and a small car leaving the scene immediately after the shots were fired. The potential involvement of these vehicles in the incident is currently being investigated by the authorities.

The Houston Police Department is conducting a thorough investigation into this incident and is seeking information from the public regarding the shooting or the vehicles seen leaving the area.


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