Thursday, April 25

Father shoots stepfather after daughter accuses stepfather of sexual abuse

HOUSTON – A shooting incident occurred at 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2024, at 7700 Bateswood in Houston, leaving an adult male in his mid-thirties injured with gunshot wounds. The victim, who was shot once in the stomach and twice in the leg, is currently undergoing surgery and is expected to survive.

The shooter, identified as the ex-husband of a woman now married to the victim, was reportedly involved in a family dispute leading up to the incident. The couple has four children, aged between 17 and 10 years. According to reports, a 12-year-old girl, one of the children, wrote a note to her mother alleging sexual abuse by her stepfather, who is the current husband of the shooter’s ex-wife.

Upon learning of these allegations, the mother immediately took her daughter from her biological father’s house to her apartment. The biological father, upon discovering the allegations, confronted the stepfather at the latter’s apartment and subsequently shot him three times after the daughter and mother had left the premises.

The shooter is said to be cooperating with the police. Investigators are actively working on the case, delving into both the shooting and the sexual assault allegations.


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