Saturday, June 15

Woman Shot by Deputies in Her Own Apartment During Burglary Response

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS – (February 3, 2024) Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office shot a woman several times in her own apartment while responding to a burglary report early Saturday morning. The incident occurred at The Pines of Woodforest apartments located at 90 Uvalde Road in east Harris County, around 2:06 a.m.

Responding to a life-in-danger call, deputies arrived at the scene to address a reported burglary. Upon arrival, they were informed of an additional burglary happening within the complex. The deputies located an apartment on the second floor showing signs of forced entry.

After announcing their presence and receiving no response, deputies observed from the apartment window a figure approaching the door with a firearm. In response, deputies discharged their weapons multiple times, striking a 28-year-old woman, later identified as the apartment owner.

Additional law enforcement personnel arrived at the scene to provide medical assistance. The injured woman received first aid, including the application of several tourniquets, before being transported to a local hospital in stable condition. A weapon was recovered from the scene.

Authorities confirmed later that the victim was the owner of the apartment and had a guest with her at the time of the shooting, who was unharmed. The incident is under further investigation by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.


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