Thursday, April 25

Nanny suffers broken bone, two toddlers airlifted to hospital after being struck by a car

HARRIS COUNTY, TX (March 30, 2024) A woman, who is believed to be the children’s nanny may have minimized the impact of a vehicle that struck her and two toddlers while out for a walk in northwest Harris County on Imperial Landing Lane just past 8:00 p.m.

According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the woman took the two-year-old girl and three-year-old boy for a walk in a cloth-type Radio Flyer wagon when she noticed a car, which might have been speeding was headed for them.

At the last minute, she was able to push the wagon with the two toddlers and then tried to jump out of the way herself. Police believe her actions may have minimized the impact of the crash.

The two toddlers were airlifted to a nearby hospital via Life Flight and the woman was taken to the hospital for a broken bone.

The driver remained on scene.

At this time, no arrests have been made.

The neighborhood, which is well lit did not have any sidewalks.


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