Thursday, May 23

Harris County Deputy won’t face charges in a fatal accident that claimed the of a mother with two kids

Two children, a 2 year and a 5-year-old were left motherless after their young mother, identified as Autrey Faith Simone Davis, was killed on January 12, 2022, when a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy’s patrol vehicle rammed into her car, with the children inside. This happened at the intersection of Lockwood and Laura Koppe Rd. She was 23 years old at the time. The children and their mother were taken to a local hospital, but the mother did not make it.

The deputy was pursuing a suspect, Davonte Williams, who was out on bail at the time and had just robbed a CVS Pharmacy in north Houston. As the deputy was crossing the intersection he hit Davis’ vehicle, which then led to a multi-vehicle crash. His patrol cruiser caught on fire, and bystanders at the scene pulled him out just in time. He did suffer a broken hip.

The Harris County District Clerk decided to pursue charges of criminally negligent homicide against the deputy, for chasing the suspect which ended up resulting in this young mother’s death.

A grand jury on June 28th, 2022 decided that there was not sufficient evidence to warrant the charges, and decided to it was not worth pursuing. The grand jury then issued a no-bill and had the case dismissed. A judge agreed and signed off on the order. The deputy no longer faces charges.

Davonte Williams, the suspect in this case is still facing charges of evading arrest and causing death, as well as aggravated assault and robbery with a deadly weapon. There has been a warrant issued for his arrest in Harris County, but according to court documents, (Case No. 176328701010) he is currently in federal custody.

HCSO Deputy involved in a fatal accident won't face charges

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